The Oakboro Regional Museum of History contains ten areas.

One of the stated purposes of the Foundation is to interpret the history of the area. This has been done through both the permanent nd the rotating exhibits. In the Regional museum of History, there are 10 specific areas called “Windows from the Past”, each devoted to a specific sector of life in the region.


♦Ancient life on the Rocky River: Native American Artifacts, and the Archaeology at the Ledbetter Ford Site

♦Boundaries of the Region: Maps, Photos

♦People of the Region: Big Lick, Red Cross, Frog Pond, Five Roads, Furr City, Oakboro, Railroad, Military, Professional, and Fashions of the decades.

Serving the Region: Fire Departments, Fourth of July, Civic Organizations, Parks, Musical Groups, Community Athletics, Post Office, Telephone, Power

♦Economy of the Region: Banks, Filling Stations, Mills, Merchants, Businesses

Churches and Schools: Church photo and histories, school annuals, school memorabilia, trophies and photos.

♦Photo Reference Area: Veterans, Weddings, Families, Structures, Scouts, and children

♦Genealogy: Family histories, cemetery records, census records, Oakboro town minutes, area news clippings, civil war rosters

♦Rural Life: Farming, wood working, cooking, wash day, clothing.

♦Rotating Exhibits: Changes each January, April, July, August and December