Built in 1915, the Oakboro Presbyterian Church is an easily recognized landmark in downtown Oakboro. The first brick church in town, the Presbyterian Church was founded in the same year the Town of Oakboro was chartered. It flourished throughout the 40’s and 50’s, but membership began to decline in later years. The building was decommissioned as a church in June, 2004 and soon became the property of the Oakboro Regional Historical Foundation thanks to the generosity of two children of the Ross Family.

E.O. and Rebecca Ross moved from Monroe in 1913 to start a furniture business. They eventually became founding members of the newly organized church and remained active throughout their lives. William Ross and his sister Wilma Ross Lambert along with their spouse Kathryn and Grover presented the Foundation with funds to purchase the church property in memory of their parents.

Over the years, the property has been maintained essentially as it was built, with minor alterations in the 50’s. A fellowship hall was added in 1967. The original pews and altar furnishings remain in the sanctuary. Details of the structure can be found in Dodenhoff’s book Stanly County: The Architectural Legacy of a Rural North Carolina County.

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