Mission Statement: 

The mission statement of the Oakboro Regional Historical Foundation is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history for the present and future generations.

Purpose of the Museum: 

The purpose of the Oakboro Regional Historical Foundation is to promote the awareness and importance of the history of Oakboro and the surrounding area. Emphasis is placed on people, businesses, factories, schools, churches, organization, residences, as well as other institutions that have influenced the history of this region.

About us:

Artifacts and photos in the museum represent the Oakboro Regional Historical District. Boundaries are Highway 24-27 on the north, Bear Creek on the East, Rocky River on the South, and Island creek on the East. The Museum is a non-profit organization, supported by the community, memberships, donations, and grants. The local community has been gracious in support and frequent in visitation. Special events bring out family and visitors from surrounding communities and all across North and South Carolina. In addition, people have come from all parts of the nation, from New York to Florida, and from Washington State and California, to all places in between. Visitor sign in sheets record visits from people who live in England and New Zealand.


The museum is located in the Historic Drye Furniture building. The facility has been refurbished with attention paid to retaining as much of the original interior as possible. The store front itself was built in 1930 with additions made later. The interior boasts the original pressed tin ceiling, plaster walls and front door. The original front door is now located in the gift shop. Windows and doors from other structures have been incorporated into the museum to designate display areas.

Among the permanent fixtures housed in this museum are display cases obtained with gifts from area families. A separate case holds the 10,000 year old findings of the archaeological dig of the Lebetter Site. A large swinging display was purchased with grant money. Other smaller cases were built by West Stanly students as part of construction class projects. Since its opening, thousands of items have been accessioned. Many are photographs or copes of photographs families have allowed us to make. The rest are artifacts donated to the museum for the purpose of display or preservation. Most of these are on exhibit in one of the permanent display cases or have been used as part of a rotating exhibit.

The Regional Museum of History opened in 2000 with an exhibit of photographs collected from citizens of the area. Since its opening, the museum has housed many exhibits, hosted signing parties for local authors and collected historical and genealogical materials.

The first oranized meeting was March 3rd, 1999 and the museum was chartered on April 15, 1999. The opening exhibit debuted in April 14, 2000.